Jerusalem Planning Committee Approves Museum of Tolerance


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- The Jerusalem municipal planning committee has approved plans for a scaled-back Museum of Tolerance in the center of Jerusalem.

The plan was approved more than two years after the project of the Simon Wiesenthal Center was withdrawn due to the slumping economy.

The plan is opposed by Muslim religious leaders, who say that the site if the project had served for centuries as a Muslim cemetery. They appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court, which granted the Wiesenthal Center permission to continue.

Putting The Jewish In The Jewish Museum

Joan Rosenbaum, who is retiring after 30 years, put her stamp
on the institution and never shied away from controversy.

Staff Writer

During the 1960s, The Jewish Museum was at the vanguard of the contemporary art world, mounting career-defining shows for artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. In those days many in the emerging art world were Jews — artists like Mark Rothko and Diane Arbus, the dealer Leo Castelli, the critic Clement Greenberg (though not Rauschenberg and Johns) — and the museum made it its mission to champion their work.

Rosenbaum has been widely praised for mounting shows that are intellectually serious, entertaining and sometimes controversial.
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