In The Corridors Of Healing


In the “Lean Forward” advertisements on MSNBC, White House correspondent Chuck Todd speaks of the opportunity and responsibility he has because of his access to the inner world of Washington.  I feel the same about my visits to Israel as National President of Hadassah.  But the most impressive part isn’t the access to the so-called corridors of power.  The time I get to spend in the corridors of healing never fails to inspire me about the achievements of the modern state of Israel.

MSNBC, Buchanan May Be Parting Ways


Patrick Buchanan may lose his job as an MSNBC commentator because of statements in his new book that have been called racist and anti-Semitic.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin told The New York Times over the weekend that because of the anti-Semitic nature of some of the arguments in "Suicide of a Superpower," Buchanan might not be invited to return to his position at the station. Book chapter titles include "The End of White America" and "The Death of Christian America."

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