Mother's Day

Marking Mother’s Day After Mother Is Gone

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82 Ways to Tell Mom You Love Her.” “Don’t Forget about Mom!” “Tell Your Mother You Love Her.” “Make Sure Mom Gets the Message.”

Esther D. Kustanowitz
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Mother's Day: The Fantasy And The Reality, With Autism

I wonder what Mother’s Day is like in other families. The ones without kids on the autism spectrum.

Motherhood is bliss! Right? Right? Fotolia

Tim Boxer: Outstanding Mother Awards

Jewish Week Online Columnist

As her mother is her role model, Debra Messing brought her to share the moment at the 35th annual Outstanding Mother Awards last week. “In honoring me you are really celebrating her,” Debra said.

Debra Messing and her mother Sandy at the Outstanding Mother Awards.  Photo by Tim Boxer

On Mother’s Day, Our Women Of Valor

Editor And Publisher

Rare is the Jewish woman who is not praised as an Ayshet Chayil, a woman of valor, though too often it comes at her funeral, when she is not around to hear the rabbi intone from the Book of Proverbs.

“A woman of valor, who can find? Her worth is far beyond rubies…”

Gary Rosenblatt

All Kinds Of Mothers

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, Jewish or not, who are raising Jewish kids!

And so as not to seem parochial, I will also add a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, regardless of what religion they are raising their children in, with the exception of monstrous child abusers like this family profiled in today’s New York Times.

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