Fashion’s Most Modest: Blog Roundup

Making fashionable modesty possible for the modern woman.

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Crop-tops and sequined mini skirts may be in style, but they are not “mod.”

Celebrities modeling modest fashion. Via

The Mormons’ Joe Lieberman Moment

As Sen. Graham, Rep. King hit Obama on Israel, a show of unity between Mormons and Jews.

Staff Writer

Tampa — A member of the Mormon faith compared Mitt Romney’s acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination here to Joe Lieberman’s acceptance of the Democratic Party’s nomination as vice president in 2000.

The scene Tuesday at the GOP convention in Tampa. getty images

Presidential Tidbits: is Romney the frontrunner who can't win?

It was a lively week in presidential politics, a welcome relief from stories about killer tornados, the debt ceiling crisis and other natural disasters.

There was former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's motorcycle appearance at Rolling Thunder on Washington's Mall and her East Coast bus tour, and the strange rise of pizza king Herman Cain in the GOP standings (just weeks after Donald Trump rose to the top of the heap and abruptly folded).

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