Mitzvah Day

In Britain, Jewish And Muslim Women Connect Over Mitzvah Day


Good deeds can be contagious. Just ask Laura Marks, a British Jew who is widely credited with creating one of her community’s most widely celebrated new traditions: an annual Mitzvah Day, now in its 11th consecutive year, in which thousands of British Jews perform charity work in retirement homes, homeless shelters, hospitals and even neglected cemeteries.

Muslim and Jewish participants in a new interfaith initiative during its launch at the Jewish Museum in London. JTA

Jewish Boy Scouts


Video blogger Aaron Herman attended Mitzvah Day at Hebrew Institute of White Plains and spoke to the Jewish Boy Scouts and Ret. Cornell David Everett about community service and being Jewish in the Army.The mission of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting is to promote Boy Scouting among Jewish youth, to help Jewish institutions and local council Jewish committees to provide Scouting opportunities for Jewish youth, and to promote Jewish values in Scouting through program helps and the religious emblems program.


Hundreds Participate In National Mitzvah Day


(JTA) — Hundreds of volunteers across America participated in the Areyvut organization's National Mitzvah Day.
The seventh annual day for volunteers to become involved in community service activities focused on providing individuals with basic necessities such as food and shelter.

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