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Jewish Groups Set To Fight Cuts For Charity Deductions

Community could be harmed at time of rising needs.

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Jewish groups are preparing to fight cuts to the charitable tax deduction that both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have proposed to reduce the budget deficit.

Nathan Diament

Jews Could Play Outsized Role In Battleground Ohio County

In increasingly conservative Hamilton County, Jewish voters weighing issues on eve of election.

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Cincinnati — It may be the battleground county in the  battleground state.

In the bellwether state of Ohio (no Republican president has ever won the White House without winning Ohio’s 18 electoral votes), there are said to be seven swing counties to watch. Hamilton County here is the largest, and according to many the most critical. It went for Republican George W. Bush in 2004 and Democrat Barack Obama in 2008.

Jewish voters in conservative Hamilton County, Ohio.

Looking At The Election From A Broader Perspective

Jewish Week Online Columnist

With the presidential election here in America under two weeks away, the incessant campaign pitches in all of our print and electronic media are virtually impossible to ignore.

Rabbi Gerald Skolnik is spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center

Jewish Feminism Chai

Bella Abzug. Gloria Steinem. Shulamith Firestone. Lesley Gore?

There are lots of ways to be a feminist.

Lesley Gore, who grew up in a Jewish family in Tenafly, New Jersey, won the right to be classed with the above grandes dames in 1964 with the release of “You Don’t Own Me,” which became a feminist anthem.

Lesley Gore, Jewish feminist. Getty Images

Election 2012: Obama’s Tack On Iran Nukes Raises Questions

Did the president ‘shift the goal posts’ at debate, as expert suggests?

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In an otherwise predictable foreign policy debate Monday night, in which GOP challenger Mitt Romney struck a more centrist tone and agreed with many of President Barack Obama’s positions, did the president actually tack to the right on Iran?

That was the view of Iran expert Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council and one of this country’s top Iran experts, who suggested that when the president stated that his goal is to “end Iran’s nuclear program” he “appeared to shift the goal post on Iran.”

Romney and Obama both suggested they would have Israel’s back at Monday’s debate. Getty images

Third Debate: Little ‘Daylight’ On Foreign Policy


Perhaps the clearest winner in Monday night’s presidential debate on foreign policy was Israel.

The tiny state was mentioned more than two dozen times, with both President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Gov. Romney going out of their way to declare their unwavering support for Jerusalem and their determination to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Mitt Romney, Your Bubbe


Big Bird. Binders. “A bunch of stuff.” Another Internet meme has joined the slew spawned by the election. But this time, unlike the Irish “malarkey,” it’s got a Jewish ethnic angle.

Mitt Romney used the word “tumult” several times in Monday night’s debate to refer to the results of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East, appropriately stirring up a storm of discussion online and in traditional media.

Such “tumult”: Did Mitt Romney use a word he thought may be Yiddish to appeal to Jewish voters?

Israel Figures Prominently In Final Presidential Debate



The U.S.-Israel alliance and the need to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon were major themes in the final presidential debate.

Both candidates said Monday during their foreign policy debate that they would stand with Israel should Iran attack it.

Netanyahu’s Election Decision: He Needs His Own Etch-a-Sketch


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given in to the temptation he has felt all this year, to shatter the gridlock in his sprawling, multi-party cabinet by calling an early election for January 22.  If he can win a bigger majority in the Knesset, he can handpick more of his own ministers.

That election date comes about four months before Netanyahu’s deadline for a fateful decision on how to stop Iran’s steadily advancing uranium enrichment – the “red line” he drew with a magic marker at the United Nations in New York two weeks ago.

Dan Raviv

Romney Blames Obama For 'Daylight' With Israel In Second Debate


Mitt Romney accused President Obama of putting "daylight between us and Israel" in the second presidential debate.

Responding to Obama's pledge to investigate the circumstances of an attack that killed four U.S. diplomats in Libya last month, Romney assailed Obama's overall foreign policy record, and pivoted to the president's at-times strained relationship with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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