Midrash and Medicine: Healing Body and Soul in the Jewish Interpretive Tradition

Body, Soul And Midrash

New collection of essays shows how interpretation can be used to find new meaning in the biblical text — and as a resource for healing.
Jewish Week Book Critic
02/07/2011 - 19:00

I n shuls everywhere, of all denominations, the “Mi Sheberach” prayer is said regularly, naming individuals in need of healing. The prayer itself and the way it is said may differ from one community to the next. The late Debbie Friedman, for instance, set the words to music that is widely known and sung. Some people approach the bima with “long lists of names inside their hearts,” while others have handwritten lists in their pockets, Rabbi Julie Pelc Adler, explains in an essay, “A Midrash on the Mi Sheberakh.”

Contributors to “Midrash and Medicine” include physicians, rabbis, social workers, psychologists and philosophers.
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