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JCRC Offers $5G Reward For Tips On Knockout Attacks

Security patrols, alerts in Jewish areas after latest attack.

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Volunteer security patrols are increasing in Orthodox neighborhoods following a new spate of so-called knockout attacks in Brooklyn. And the Jewish Community Relations Council is preparing to offer up to $5,000 for information on perpetrators of the “game” that has whole communities on edge but seems to target mostly Jewish victims here.

A security camera captured an incident in which a Jewish man said he was assulted. Photo via CrownHeights.info

Jewish Advice For de Blasio

Recognizing diversity a common theme as panel suggests priorities for mayor-elect at 'Talking Transition.'

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Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio should work with faith leaders and neighborhood groups to find the best way to help the needy in their communities, UJA-Federation's president said at a public forum on the city's transition of power Thursday night.

"We believe non-profits, in partnership with synagogues, churches and mosques, are essential building blocks in communities," said Alisa Doctoroff, noting that the city continued to face unprecedented challenges in fighting poverty and other ills.

Prominent Jewish New Yorkers spoke out on priorities for the next administration at Talking Transition. Adam Dickter

Candidates Agree On Pressuring Iran

In "capital of the world," mayors need foreign policy, Lhota says.

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In a rare show of accord, both major candidates for mayor on Monday called for continued U.S. pressure on Iran to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons, as the country’s new president heads to Manhattan for the United Nations General Assembly.

President Hassan Rouhani’s overtures to the West, as he tries to strike a more conciliatory tone than his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have won him open ears in the State Department.

But Republican Joseph Lhota and Democrat Bill de Blasio joined a chorus of public figures outside UN headquarters calling for vigilance.

"We won't be fooled again," says de Blasio, left. "Words are not as important as actions," says Lhota. Adam Dickter

Tim Boxer At JCRC Dinner

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Matthew Goldstein, chancellor of City University of New York, recalled a commencement where he introduced the speaker and told him, “Marvin, be brief because no one will remember what you say.”

Marvin got up and addressed the audience:  “When you leave here remember one thing: make money.”  He sat down and got a standing ovation.

Alexandra and James Lebenthal at the JCRC awards dinner.
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