Tracing Poland’s Past, And Its Future

A young couple makes meaning, and a living, turning mezuzah traces into new mezuzahs. And they’re helping push the country beyond revival.

09/22/2015 - 20:00
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It was the last workday before Passover, and I was at my desk when the receptionist interrupted my menu planning to tell me my guests were here. I was expecting no guests. I almost never have guests. So I tiptoed out to the waiting area, embarrassed, curious and, yes, a little scared about Charlie Hebdo.

Mystical quest and serious business: Alexander Prugar and Helena Czernek.

Jew Invents Christian Mezuzah: 'Christooza'

Financial advisor from Queens sells Christoozas for $20 a pop.

06/23/2014 - 20:00
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Thought the Hanukkah bush was the only way to reinvent the wheel? Think again.

The 'Christooza' Via

Study: Kissing the Mezuzah Does Not Spread Disease

New study finds the ritual practice safe for health.
10/09/2013 - 20:00
Jewish Week Correspondent

If you're in the habit of kissing mezuzot in public places, you can ease up on the Purell.

A group of doctors at Maimonodes Medical Center have found that the practice does not increase the risk of spreading germs. 

Dr. Monica Ghitan and her colleagues tested over 100 mezuzot around their hospital, and other than a few benign microbes found that the ritual objects were not unsafe for those who touch them and then kiss their hands.

Hate Crimes Charges Against Suspect In Williamsburg Mezuzah Burnings

04/08/2013 - 20:00

After extensive questioning, police have charged Ruben Ubiles, 34, of Bedford-Stuyvesant with burglary, arson and criminal mischief as felony hate crimes, as well as reckless damage and reckless endangerment, reports said Friday.

The New York Times said Ubiles had a prior arrest record for robbery, assault and drug possession.

Ubiles was apprehended by police based on surveillance footage at a Williamsburg housing project where a mezuzah was burned on Tuesday. According to some reports Ubiles posted on Facebook that he was annoyed about Jews setting fires on streetcorners, apparently referring to chasidim burning chametz before Passover.

On Thursday Ubiles was charged with an unrelated crime, criminal contempt in connection with a violation of a court order of protection obtained by his girlfriend, Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told The Jewish Week. 

NYPD Photo of Rubin Ublies.

Judaism Honors Our Children's Questions

11/19/2012 - 19:00

Judaism offers much wisdom to help people in our communities cultivate the resilience to recover from the aftereffects of Sandy, a storm that created a unique situation affecting an estimated 54 million people in 24 states.

Oy Va Voy, I Lost My Mezuzah!

 When I first started this blog back in March, my father, an avid blog consumer (though not of this one — his taste runs more to the neo-con political ones), e-mailed me that, “The first rule of blogging, you should know, is POSTING SOMETHING EVERY DAY.”

Sorry, Dad, I’ve come nowhere near complying with this rule, especially in the last few weeks. Hopefully this won’t be as great a disappointment as my rejection 21 years ago from Yale or my failure to pursue a  more stable and lucrative career.

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