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Federal Appeals Court Calls For Review Of NYC MBP Law

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A New York City health law designed to regulate the controversial metzitzah b’peh ritual circumcision practice must pass stricter scrutiny, a federal appeals court ruled.

Thomas Farley, the commissioner of the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, argued that MBP is a risky procedure.

Medical Associations Urge Against Injunction On Metzitzah Informed Consent

Evidence that oral suction ritual transmits disease is 'incontrovertible,' organizations state.

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Three noted professional medical associations have submitted an amicus letter to the court opposing a motion for a preliminary injunction against the enactment of the New York City’s new rule requiring informed consent for metzitzah b’peh, the controversial oral suction circumcision ritual.

The circumciser uses oral suction to remove blood from the wound.

Mohel At Center Of Bris Controversy Tested Positive For Herpes, Documents Show

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Yitzchok Fischer, the mohel who has been tied to four neonatal herpes infections (including one death and one case of brain damage) and ordered to stop the practice of metzitzah b’peh in New York state in 2007, apparently tested positive for the herpes virus, The Jewish Week has learned.

Haredi Rift Opens Over Bris Ritual

High-ranking officials split on risk from metzitzah b’peh and whether practice should be continued.

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A renewed focus on a controversial circumcision technique, which recently has been implicated in one infant’s death and five non-fatal cases of neonatal herpes since 2007, has exposed a rift in the haredi community over the ritual practice.

Rabbi David Niederman, executive director of the United Jewish Communities of Williamsburg.

Suspected New Neonatal Herpes Case Being Investigated

Controversial bris rite may be involved.

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The New York City Department of Health received a report within the last week of an infant with symptoms of neonatal herpes and the case is currently under investigation, The Jewish Week has learned. (By law, such reports must be made within 24 hours of a diagnosis).

Exclusive: Banned Mohel Still Apparently Performing ‘Metzitzah’

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A mohel who was ordered to stop the circumcision practice of metzitzah b’peh in 2007 by the New York State Department of Health is apparently still engaging in the controversial practice of “oral suction,” The Jewish Week has learned.

Brooklyn DA Looking Into Infant's Death From Controversial Bris Practice

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After the death of an infant who contracted herpes during a controversial circumcision practice, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said it is investigating the case as a possible criminal matter.

Jerry Schmetterer, the spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, told The Jewish Week Monday, “Our Crimes Against Children Bureau is looking into this situation. I would not assume what any possible charges would be.”

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