Mendel Beilis

The Grave of Mendel Beilis

Jay Beilis, Mendel's grandson, sent us the inscription on Mendel's grave:

Pay attention to this grave

Here lies a holy person, a chosen man

The people of Kiev made him a victim

And upon all Israel spread the travail

Falsely accused him and his community of taking the blood of a

Christian child as demanded by him and his faith for the festival of Passover

They bound him in chains and lowered him into a pit

Blood Libel: The Passover After Beilis

Today in history: 

Jan. 18, 1943 saw the first shots of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The Nazis intended to deport 8,000 Jews but the resistance forceed the Nazis to retreat after 5,000 were deported, saving 3,000 lives. The uprising resumed on erev Pesach, three months later.

And in 1914, 29 years prior:

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