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Conservative ‘Voice’ on Israel: Joshua Nass


Joshua Nass spent his college years at Brandeis educating others — particularly Israel’s detractors. Educated at Ramaz, raised in New Rochelle and now living on the Upper East Side, in 2013 Nass founded Voices of Conservative Youth. “We boast about 5,000 activists,” he says, and claims “around a dozen college chapters.” He attracted financial support from Sheldon Adelson, a leading figure in U.S. conservative circles, and quickly became a pundit for Fox Business and other news stations to rebut those, including the American Studies Association, promoting boycotts of Israel and attempting to link Israel to apartheid.

Joshua Nass

Championing her Generation: Anya Kamenetz


You might say millennials owe Anya Kamenetz a debt of gratitude for her most famous book. But please don’t. They already have enough debt.

Anya Kamenetz

Bringing Passion, Judaism to Journalism, Volunteer Work: Jessica Abo


Phil Donahue changed Jessica Abo’s life.

At 9, living in Bethlehem, Pa., Abo was watching the pioneer talk show host on TV. A young guest on the show, in tears, was consoled by the end of the show by a psychologist.

Jessica Abo
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