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Tabloid size newspaper, printed web offset.

Column widths
2 Columns - 2.833"
3 Columns - 4.313"
4 Columns - 5.788"
6 Columns - 8.75"

Please open PDF to view suggested ad sizes.

Columns per page - 6
Column inches per page - 70.5
Page Size is 8.75" X 11.75"

Mailing Instructions

Display Ad Insertion Orders
Richard Waloff
Associate Publisher
The Jewish Week
1501 Broadway, Suite 505
New York, N.Y. 10036
Phone -212-921-7822 - ext. 217
Fax - 212-921-8420
E-Mail -

Please email advertising in a PDF file format to your sales representative, or call them at 212 921 7822.

Deadline and Reservations:
Ad positioning begins 10:00 AM Friday, prior to the upcoming issue. Deadline for advertising space reservations is 2:00 PM Friday. The Jewish Week makes every attempt to accommodate ad position requests, however, positioning is not guaranteed, unless paying a premium placement fee.

All ad material that The Jewish Week is to produce is due by 12:00 noon, the Monday prior to issue date. Advertisers providing ad material after this time will not be able to see a proof. Ad material provided as a PDF is due by 4:00 PM the Monday prior to issue date.

Cancelation Policy:
All cancelations of advertising space reserved must be made in writing by the advertiser or advertising agency. No cancelations of advertising will be accepted after 2:00 PM, the Monday prior to issue date.

No changes in ad copy will be accepted after 4:00 PM, the Monday prior to issue date

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