Matzah Balls

The New Kneidlach Conundrum

Forget heavy or light. Matzah ball varieties — from spicy to sweet to stuffed — provide plenty of options.
Special to the Jewish Week
03/19/2012 - 20:00

There are a lot of important considerations when it comes to Passover. Red wine or white? Hand-baked or machine-made matzah? Streit’s or Manischewitz macaroons?

But one of the top considerations in every household before the seder is this: Should matzah balls be heavy or light? This year though, you may want to start asking more questions. Like spicy or plain? Whole wheat or regular? Stuffed or unstuffed? With so many options, any number of kneidl varieties could grace your seder table.

Tamar Genger’s Whole Wheat Spinach Matzah Balls.
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