Swiping Their Way To The Chuppah

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Turns out she was just his swipe.

When Michael Brand, 39, went down to Florida for vacation last June, he never expected to meet his future bride. But just for kicks, Brand, a divorced father of two from Manhattan, had signed up for JSwipe, the Jewish dating app likened to Tinder.

Samantha Rudnick, 26, and Michael Brand, 39, first JSwipe couple to wed. Courtesy of Samantha Rudnick

How Brett Met Laurie

A matchmaking friend and a professional matchmaker bring two visitors to Israel together.

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Chicago-born Brett Baron hadn’t come to the Elevation Seminar to meet girls. He came because of a poster advertising the seminar that he’d seen at his Jerusalem yeshiva, which promised a spiritual experience. But his friend Josh pointed someone out.

Brett and Laurie. Slav Zinger Photography

How Fran Met Gary

A busy New York State Assemblywoman finds time to do some matchmaking.


She was a New York State Assemblywoman on a personal, not a political, mission – to find the perfect guy for her best friend, Fran Reid.  She had someone in mind for Fran – Gary Bixhorn, Chief Operating Officer of Eastern Suffolk Board of Educational Service. But Gary, a recent widower, was still in mourning and wasn’t ready to hear any talk about dating. “Basically, I cut her off,” says Gary.

Fran and Gary saw the movie “Yogi Bear” on their first date. Kitty Dadi

The Younger the Better, Eh Gentlemen??

Can we talk a moment about men and that little thing called, “age discrimination?"

As in, the way so many single men seem to only want young women.

Notice I am only accusing “many” not “all” men. Which is another way of saying, all men. Or almost all men. Or most of the men out there except for the exceptions, of course.

Mirror Mirror: When it Comes to Love, Do Looks Count?

I was playing the matchmaker, in an indirect sort of way.

That's why I brought a close friend along to dinner with a lovely couple I like so much I always want to give them a standing ovation.  I figured they might know a fabulous man for my fabulous friend.

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