Israel Becoming A Leader in Medical Marijuana Research

Health Ministry considering distribution of marijuana through pharmacies


Aided by Israel’s strong reputation in science and medicine, the medical marijuana industry in Israel is to set to expand with official government support, the Associated Press reported.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Israel since the early 1990s. Coaster420/Wikimedia Commons

Plenty of Jews On Board With California’s Bid to Legalize Marijuana


OAKLAND, Calif. (JTA) -- Ed Rosenthal has been working to legalize marijuana in California since he moved to the state in 1972.

Vindication may finally be at hand for the Bronx-born former yippie.

On Nov. 2, California voters will consider Proposition 19, a ballot initiative to legalize the cultivation and possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, and empower local governments to regulate and tax its sale.

High Point For A Budding Career

Staff Writer
When Meital Dohan came here from Israel three years ago to further her acting career, the last thing she expected was to be cast as an administrator of a rabbinical school.
On Showtime's "Weeds," Meital Dohan plays a sexy former Israeli commando opposite Justin Kirk.
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