Maccabeats Make Latkes

The boy band behind the Chanukah video phenomenon is back.

Maccabeats Do Dayenu

Laugh and smile at the boy band's loving parody of the Seder song -- it ends on just the right soulful note.

Oldie And Bestie

We know there are tons of Chanukah videos but for the first night, nothing beats the Maccabeats' 'Candlelight.'

Yeshiva University To Sell 10 Buildings Near Its Campus

Apartments, home to young Jewish couples, helped area revival.

02/27/2014 - 19:00
Associate Editor

Yeshiva University confirmed this week that it will soon sell 10 apartment houses in the immediate vicinity of its Washington Heights campus, helping to alleviate some of the school’s precarious financial situation, but at the same time threatening the Jewish character of the neighborhood.

Maccabeats Transformation

It's the season for Jewish a capella groups to create innovative original and parody music videos. Video blogger Aaron Herman spoke with Julian Horowitz of the the Maccabeats about their new video "Burn" and the transformation from being singers to global Jewish influencers.

The Maccabeats: "Burn"

The 2013 Maccabeats Chanukah Video, "Burn," originally performed by Ellie Goulding.

New Maccabeats Video: D'ror Yikra

What do you get when you mix the popular "Cups" tune with a classic Shabbat song? The latest video from the Maccabeats.

Eight Days Of Chanukah Videos: Day 4

The Maccabeats Latest Video- Shine

Music video for "Shine," an original 2012 song by the Maccabeats.

Video by Uri Westrich


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