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PresenTense Transitions To Future

International Jewish entrepreneurship incubator shifts leadership to U.S.
09/03/2012 - 20:00
Staff Writer

The PresenTense Group, the scrappy social entrepreneurship incubator, has named new co-directors who will be based in New York instead of Israel. Naomi Korb Weiss, previously the group’s training director, and Shelby Zeitelman, its former program director in North America, say they want to broaden the reach of PresenTense, which received official non-profit status in 2010.

From left to right, Ariel Beery, Aharon Horowitz, Shelby Zitelman and Naomi Korb Weiss.

Innovators Step Up To The Plate in Wake of Israel Fire

ROI recruits alumni to help with fire relief fund.
12/06/2010 - 19:00
Staff Writer

Much ink has been spilled about the younger generation of Jews, a generation (older people tend to gripe) that is marked by entitlement.

This moniker has oft been applied to members of the ROI Community, an international group of 550 young Jewish leaders whom philanthropist Lynn Schusterman has treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Israel, including lodging at a nice hotel, sumptuous food and lavish entertainment (in recent years, participants were asked to pay a nominal fee of a few hundred dollars).

ROI members and staff. Young leaders being asked, for the first time, to give back.
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