Long Island synagogues

Low-Cost L.I. Start-ups Fueling Anger

Are new congregations ‘undermining community’ or meeting families’ needs? Suffolk Y caught in crossfire.
08/20/2013 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Since opening its doors two years ago, Temple Shalom of Woodbury, L.I., has held Hebrew school classes in its part-time rabbi’s law offices in Plainview. Membership dues are a bargain basement $360; there is no building fund.

Temple Beth David's Rabbi Beth Klafter charges Temple Shalom's Rabbi Alan Stein with attempting to poach her members.

Unorthodox Rabbis Growing Two L.I. Synagogues

Openness, outreach keys for AJR grads leading Conservative congregations.
08/17/2010 - 20:00
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 One is a kind of rabbinic Dr. Phil, taking the unorthodox step of asking those saying Kaddish to rise from the pews — as if in a grief support group — and to talk about their deceased mother or aunt or lifelong friend.

The other, like a jazz player improvising a new ritual on the fly, will switch from Hebrew to English to chant particularly meaningful sections of the Torah and Haftorah — and then offer a “short overview” of the significance of that section.

Rabbis Irwin Huberman, left, and Paul Hoffman: Orthodox backgrounds, flexible philosophies.
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