Freudian Trips

Taking in Jewish London, from the great shrink’s couch to the old Jewish East End (plus, the Cadbury’s kosher chocolate in Birmingham).

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If the couch at 20 Maresfield Gardens in London could speak, it would have stories to tell. It was, for years, the consulting couch of Sigmund Freud — and it sits in his immaculately preserved study.

Freud's famous couch. Wikimedia Commons

Belz Schools Walking Back Expulsion Threat For Children Of Mothers Who Drive


A letter issued by rabbis of the Belz Hasidic group in London saying that the children whose mothers drive them to school will be banned was not approved by the schools’ board of governors.

London Neighborhood Again Vandalized With Swastikas


More than 20 cars and buildings in a Jewish community in north London were vandalized with swastikas.

A Walk In The Park

Travel Writer

Between the museums, palaces, theaters and pubs, it’s easy to spend a week in London entirely indoors. Given the famously drab weather, it is often preferable to do so.

Hyde Park is London’s answer to Central Park and the largest of its royal lawns.  Amy Larson

Life-Size Statue Of Amy Winehouse To Be Erected In London


A life-size bronze statue of late British Jewish singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse will be erected in the London neighborhood where she lived.

Jewish Film Festival To Return To London Theater, But Not This Year


Canterbury, England - A well-known London theater has reversed its decision and will host future Jewish film festivals partly financed by the Israeli Embassy, though not this year. Earlier this month, the Tricycle Theatre board decided not to host the 2014 UK Jewish Film Festival because of the Israel-Hamas conflict in  Gaza and the Israeli government’s financial backing of the festival.

Twenty-six films were scheduled to be shown in November.

The London Jewish Community: Just Fine, Thank You!

Special To The Jewish Week

I left London this past Tuesday morning after a long weekend and wonderful Shabbat there, and landed in Madrid this afternoon, preparing to meet up with the Conference of Presidents mission here.  If anyone asks you what London and Madrid have in common besides both being in Europe, the answer is that, right at this moment, they're both cold and wet! 

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens.

Long Live The Queen!

Reform Rabbi Mark Winer is the first American-born rabbi to become a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Staff Writer

Rabbi Mark Winer became the first American-born rabbi last week to become a Member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. He was honored for promoting interfaith relations.

Rabbi Mark Winer: “Long live the Queen!”

How Lauren Met Michel

Jewish Week Online Columnist

They had been friends for about six years. Lauren Karmely thought she would marry someone like Michel – his name is pronounced the French way. Then she began thinking of marrying him.

Lauren had invited Michel to a Sukkot party, along with other guys, family and lots of girlfriends. They dropped off a friend and were left alone in the car. He suggested a cup of tea at Dunkin Donuts. “It wasn’t a date,” says Lauren. “It was just tea among friends.”

Lauren Karmely and Michel Nematnejad, to be married Nov. 14.

New London JCC Takes Page From Manhattan Version

American-style institution seeking lead role in Anglo Jewry ‘renaissance.’


At his office in London’s newly opened, $80 million Jewish community center, Raymond Simonson fumbles with a state-of-the-art telephone switchboard.

An artist's rendering of London's new Jewish community center, a one-stop site for a variety of activities. Image via
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