Lewis Fidler

Councilmen Demand Accountability For Brooklyn College BDS Event

05/02/2013 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor

Unwilling to accept the City University of New York's report last month on the handling of an anti-Israel event at Brooklyn College, five members of the City Council are demanding that an administrator at Brooklyn College be held accountable for her actions.

Fidler Concedes To Storobin, Ending Long Brooklyn Senate Race

A final count of votes in a race for state Senate in Brooklyn that began on March 20th put Republican David Storobin ahead of Democrat Lewis Fidler. The margin of victory appears to be only 16 votes, but the city's Board of Elections must still certify the results when it meets on Tuesday.

David Storobin

Judge Rules To Include Absentee Ballots In Brooklyn Senate Race

05/07/2012 - 20:00

Seven weeks after south Brooklyn voters took to the polls to elect a new state Senator, a State Supreme Court Judge on Tuesday ruled that 119 disputed ballots will be included in the tally.

Democrat Lewis Fidler and Republican David Storobin have been locked in an extremely tight race and Fidler’s campaign contended in a court challenge that a Strobin campaign worker improperly collected absentee ballots.

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