Lenny Sokol

Woody Allen’s Grandson, Jerry Seinfeld’s Son

Josh and Benny Safdie’s ‘Daddy Longlegs’ offers a darkly humorous update
on the neurotic Manhattan Jew.

Special To The Jewish Week

Lenny Sokol’s life is a barely controlled chaos. He has custody of his two sons for two weeks, his work life is insane, he’s juggling girlfriends and, well, Lenny (Ronald Bronstein) is a chaotic kind of a guy. He’s the reduction ad absurdum of the prototypical nebbish hero, version 3.0, the grandson of Woody Allen, the son of Jerry Seinfeld, a charming narcissist writ large.

The parent trap: Ronald Bronstein as the nebbishy hero Lenny Sokol, who has custody of his two sons.
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