Larry Sabato

Potential Good News For Obama On The Jewish Vote?

In news that will gladden the hearts of Jewish Republicans, the Pew Research Center came out with data today that shows a slide by members of the tribe toward the GOP.

Jewish woman gets top Democratic National Committee job

How's this for killing several birds with one stone, politically speaking?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has been picked as the new head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). She's Jewish, she's from Florida and she's an ace fundraiser, big pluses for the party going into a difficult election year when Florida will again be important to the Democrats' – and President Obama's – hopes.

Obama's Jewish problem: it may not be what you think

 If you go by the comments, letters to the editor and emails that come my way via the Jewish Week, you'd think President Obama is a sure bet to lose in 2012 a Jewish vote he won so overwhelmingly in 2008.

But wait: most of the angry anti-Obama comments I hear come from the same folks who were calling him a Muslim fifth columnist and an anti-Semite in 2008; their criticisms may be angrier than ever, but they don't suggest any real change in his overall Jewish support.

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