More International Exhibitors Than Ever Hit Kosher's Big Tradeshow

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It’s the sign of Kosherfest, the biggest annual kosher trade show: “No excessive product sampling is allowed. Attendees may exit the exhibit hall with one bag of samples only.”

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz, the Manischewitz Company rebbe, at Kosherfest. Helen Chernikoff/JW

Kosherfest Carries On

Special To The Jewish Week

Hurricane Sandy may have crippled New York and New Jersey, knocking out power, displacing thousands from their homes, complicating the elections and, after some mayoral flip-flopping, leading to the cancellation of the New York Marathon.

But it is not getting in the way of Kosherfest, the annual trade show of the kosher food industry scheduled for Nov.13-14.

Foodie fest: Last year’s pre-Kosherfest social media event.

The Gentrification Of The Gefilte

Ashkenazi cuisine goes artisanal and upscale — just don’t look for a heksher.

Special To The Jewish Week

The humble gefilte fish — the perfunctory seder meal starter long mocked for its blandness — is finally getting some respect.

At Kutsher’s Tribeca it’s made from wild halibut and garnished with micro arugula, while at the Gefilteria it’s crafted from sustainably-raised fish and topped with a freshly prepared horseradish.

Kutsher’s Tribeca. Evan Sung
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