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Eight (New Wines) Is Enough

'Tis the season for new kosher wines.

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The best time of year for kosher wine is upon us.  It’s the two-month period when, due to Purim and Passover, demand for kosher wine is at its highest. And when young wines that were produced during the last harvest are finally ready and available. Over the past several weeks I’ve had the opportunity to taste numerous new kosher wines, and below are eight of the most interesting recent releases that should be in stores now or very soon. Prix Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, Weir Family Vineyard, MJT Block, 2009: Made by Ernie Weir of Hagafen Cellars, this very-full-boded, inky dark-garnet colored Cabernet is a blockbuster of a wine. The nose is rich and complex, with elements of cherries, cassis, plums, Seville oranges, lemon verbena and espresso. Look for flavors of cherries, cassis, plums and raspberries at the front of the palate moving to notes of mocha, Seville oranges, and cedar at the back of the palate. Well made, with good mineral content and silky tannins, this wine is ready to drink now and for the next eight years, or perhaps longer.
Score A/A- ($70. Available direct from the winery, [888] 424-2336,

New kosher wine selections are recommended choices for a seder meal.

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A New Take On Kosher At Citron And Rose

Philly has more than just cheese-stake to offer Jewish foodies.

Food & Wine Contributor

Merion, Pa. — My grandmother of blessed memory would be surprised if she knew what they’re doing with the schmaltz here at Citron and Rose, a stylish, new glatt kosher restaurant next door to the Philadelphia Community Kollel in this upscale Philly suburb.
They mix it with fried garlic and onions as a substitute for butter with the warm dinner rolls.

This is where kosher cuisine meets a sometimes-surprising re-interpretation, thanks to some very creative individuals.

Kosher dining is chic and sleek at Citron and Rose. George Medovoy

Love And Wine

Staff Writer

For Rebecca and Leon Zinger The Jewish Week’s Grand Wine Tasting at City Winery is the perfect place to toast their anniversary.

Photo by Michael Datikash



The Wandering Jew Of Kosher Wine

Catching up with the noted Golan Heights budget-priced winemaker
(and career changer) Shimshon Welner.

Special To The Jewish Week

Shimshon Welner

America’s Kosher Wine Scene

Kosher wine importers discuss the trends — what’s selling, at what price, and what’s on the horizon.


Kosher wine in America is a multimillion-dollar business (upwards of $28 million, according to estimates made several years ago), and every year brings changes — new wines, new vintages, new varietals, new regions, and sometimes new producers. Keeping track of what’s hot and what’s not can be confusing. To try and make the topic more digestible, we reached out to a cross-section of kosher wine importers, those responsible for bringing many of the kosher wines to the consumer.

Marketing Israeli Wine To The American Masses

The newly formed Israeli Wine Producer’s Association is trying to do just that.

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Not long ago, kosher wine sales in America were dominated by wines from California, New York and France, but in the last decade wines from Israel have become dominant in the kosher wine sector. Walk into almost any wine shop with a kosher section, and you will likely see a selection of mostly Israeli wines. Indeed, for many consumers, “Israeli wine” has become synonymous with “kosher wine” — and Joshua Greenstein wants to change that.

Joshua Greenstein

Passover Advice From The Morgans

The husband-and-wife team of writers and vintners share some tips, and some recipes.

Special To The Jewish Week

Kosher wine aficionados are probably familiar with the name Jeff Morgan. He started what has become the most successful kosher winery to open in California in the last decade: Covenant Wines. Covenant produces critically acclaimed, top-shelf wines from Napa Valley, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Russian River Chardonnay, and Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc. 

However, many fans of Covenant Wines may not be aware that Jeff, in collaboration with his wife, Jodie, has written seven cookbooks. 

Jeff Morgan in his Covenant Wines vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. Photo courtesy Covenant Wines.
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