Kosher for Passover restaurants

Why Is This Restaurant Different?

Few kosher eateries jump through the necessary hoops to open for Passover, but those who do are rewarded with good PR and new customers.
04/04/2011 - 20:00
Editorial Assistant

What’s a hamburger without its bun? Well it’s what’s on the menu at kosher restaurants across New York City, as they scrub down their kitchens and revamp their menus for the Passover holiday.

While most kosher eateries shut their doors for the week, a handful of restaurants will brave the trials and tribulations of opening for Passover.

“I find it one of the easiest holidays to cook for,” said Jeff Nathan, owner and chef at Abigael’s restaurant in Midtown, which will be open for Passover this year.

Chef Jeff Nathan finds Passover “one of the easiest holidays to cook for” at his Midtown restaurant, Abigael’s.
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