Kosher for Passover

Bubbe's Kugel Martha's Way

Give the domestic goddess' mouthwatering potato kugel gratin or 21 other Passover recipes a try.
Food & Wine Editor

When it comes to hosting a knockout Passover seder, the best person to turn to for home entertaining inspiration is Martha Stewart. She has 22 delicious, elegant, and creative Passover recipes to serve at your seders and to get you through the other six days of Passover. Her tzimmes, braised brisket, and Passover popovers look scrumptious, but our favorite recipe is her potato kugel gratin, a French take on bubbe’s original. 

Martha shares her delicious passover recipes. Getty Images.

Cookin' up Candy

Experiment in the kitchen this Passover
Online Jewish Week Columnist

If you've made it this far: Congratulations. The cleaning, scrubbing, scraping and burning is all over. So with the hard part behind you, take some time this Hol Hamoed to have fun in the kitchen and whip up some delicious, and obviously kosher for Passover, candy!

Candied orange peel and peppermint patties. Photos by Amy Spiro
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