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“Aubergine”-The Originator of Upscale Kosher Dining in Tel Aviv

12/29/2015 (All day)

With over 500 rooms and spacious conference halls, which regularly play host to a myriad of international business gatherings, Tel Aviv’s David Intercontinental Hotel attracts a wide range of foreign guests and business people.  Many look to enhance their stay in Tel Aviv by seeking out a melange of culinary adventures, ranging from sampling street food in the nearby boisterous “shuk HaCarmel” (outdoor  Carmel Mediterranean market) to tempting their curious palates with a quiet, elegant dinner in the hotel.


The Shore Path Shaliach

A Maine B&B offers kosher feasts to in-the-know travelers.
08/25/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Tucked away behind quaint street of shops and lobster-filled eateries lies the Shore Path Cottage, an oceanfront bed-and-breakfast – but don’t look there for lobster.

Shabbat at Shorepath. Rachel Goldrich

Mike Tyson Reportedly Planning Kosher Restaurant Chain

11/20/2010 - 19:00

(JTA) -- Mike Tyson reportedly is planning to launch a chain of high-end kosher restaurants.

The former heavyweight boxing champ is in talks with businessman Moshe Malamud, owner of the Franklin Mint and chairman of the Asian technology service provider emaimai, to break into the kosher-food business, the New York Post reported last Friday.

"They discussed the concept as well as the name, but nothing was finalized," a representative of the kosher Manhattan restaurant Solo, where the men dined, told the Post.

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