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Kosher Barbecue Pop-Up Seeks A Permanent Home

Izzy's BBQ Addiction brings Texas-style flavor to kosher meat.

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Kosher BBQ from top going clockwise: pastrami; brisket; beef rib; chopped brisket. Lauren Rothman

Where There's Smoke

Kosher competitions abound north and south, and a new one is in the works.

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Kosher barbecue competitions started and first proliferated below the Mason-Dixon Line, but recently, Yankees are starting to hone in on the action – there’s a festival on Long Island, and a new one will launch in New Jersey next year.

Kansas City is world famous for its barbecue. Fotolia

Rabbi's Dig Into The "Test-Tube Burger"

Is the first lab-produced burger kosher, or even parve? Could the era of the kosher cheeseburger be upon us?

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For kosher carnivores, news of the world’s first “test-tube burger” prompted daydreams of forbidden fare. Think sizzling strips of kosher bacon grown from the cells of a pig, or a kosher, all-beef slider topped with melted cheese.

Could this be kosher someday soon? Fotolia

A Kosher Cheeseburger?

The world’s first lab-grown burger could be parev. Cheese please?

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NEW YORK (JTA) — When the world’s first lab-grown burger was introduced and taste-tested on Monday, the event seemed full of promise for environmentalists, animal lovers and vegetarians.

Another group that had good reason to be excited? Kosher consumers.

Has the era of the kosher cheeseburger arrived? JTA

Israeli-Style Lam-burgers

A summer grilling recipe from the kosher food truck pros.

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Half beef, half lamb, 100% delicious. Fotolia

Estonia To Change Law On Religious Slaughter


 Estonia will change its law on religious slaughter, government officials have said.

The change is necessary because religious slaughter “does not take new scientific knowledge into account,” the head of Estonia's Animal Welfare Bureau, Sirje Jalakas, told JTA.

She added that “there is no plan to ban" kosher slaughter in Estonia. The change is being determined based on the 2010 DialRel report, Jalakas said.

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