United Synagogue Selling Its N.Y. Real Estate


The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is selling its New York office.

The organization announced Wednesday that it signed a contract last month to sell its two-floor condo in Midtown Manhattan for $15.9 million. Proceeds from the sale of the Second Avenue property will go toward paying down its debt, renting new office space and establishing a foundation to fund ongoing programs, United Synagogue said.

Rabbi Steven Wernick said his organization will invest the proceeds of the sale. Courtesy of United Synagogue

Koach Saved For Now

Conservative movement sets aside $100k for campus program.
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Koach, the college program of the Conservative movement that was to have been defunded for budgetary reasons, was granted a six-month reprieve Sunday by the directors of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Students, Women’s League Rally Behind Campus Program

$225k program may be cut as Conservative movement struggles with shrinking membership.
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Stunned by the revelation that the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s trustees might be on the verge of defunding Koach,  its college program, students have begun a petition drive and fundraising effort to convince them to change their minds at their meeting Sunday.

Conservative Movement’s College Kids Mobilize

New coalition fights cuts to campus services, but with little success.
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A protest by students over the planned reorganization of the Conservative movement’s Koach college program has won an acknowledgement that the program is important — but little else.

“There has been no concrete change,” said Rabbi Steven Wernick, executive vice president and CEO of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism.

He stressed that the planned reorganization never contemplated an end of Koach but rather that it have a “more narrow focus on campus because of [limited] resources.”

Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism.
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