Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center

Museum To Tell Overlooked Shoah Story

Rabbi Sholom Friedmann reveals why the world needs another Holocaust museum, the first under charedi auspices.

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A ceremony marking the groundbreaking for the Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center, a museum and research institute in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, took place Sunday. The facility, which is being housed in the upper floors of an existing building and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016, is billed as the first major Holocaust museum in this country under charedi auspices. The Jewish Week interviewed its CEO, Rabbi Sholom Friedmann, by email. This is an edited version of the transcript.

Rabbi Sholom Friedmann: Museum that will emphasize Holocaust experience of Orthodox Jews will tell their story.

Orthodox-focused Holocaust Museum To Open In Borough Park

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Although his father was a Holocaust survivor, and he lived near many other survivors, Rabbi Sholom Friedmann grew up learning only the broad strokes of the Shoah.

An artist’s rendering of the Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center, scheduled to open later this year.
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