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Where Frum And Savvy Collide

Given economic realities, haredi businesswomen are breaking down stereotypes and taking their places in the workforce.
Israel Correspondent
06/18/2012 - 20:00

Jerusalem — When “Rivky,” a fervently Orthodox woman with “a very large family” — she declined to provide numbers, fearful of tempting fate — opened a woman’s clothing shop in the basement of her Jerusalem home 40 years ago, and the need to advertise came up, “there was only one newspaper serving the ‘frum oylom’” she recalled, referring to the “religious world” in Yiddish-accented English. Today, the grandmother said, the growing haredi community “is fragmented.”

Marci Rapp, creator of MarSea Modest Swimwear, was one of the 200 participants at the Kishor conference for religious women.
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