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‘The Future Of Memory’

Brain research subject of Jewish Week forum.

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An internationally renowned neuroscientist from Israel and a science writer from the U.S. discussing the mysteries and workings of the brain may not sound like the makings of a riveting, sometimes hilarious event, but that’s what the program Monday evening at The Jewish Center turned out to be.

Neuroscientist Moshe Bar, center, journalist Joshua Foer and moderator Sandee Brawarsky at Monday night’s talk.

Sukkah City, The Movie

Filmmaker behind "Orthodox Stance" captures Reboot's 2010 public art project

Staff Writer

For a ritual structure intended to evoke fragility and transience, the sukkah enjoys an oddly long life as an object of contemplation and representation.

Two years ago, it was Sukkah City, an architecture competition and public art project in Union Square. It drew an estimated 200,000 viewers to the dozen winning, legally valid but visually untraditional temporary booths built to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot, which ended earlier this week.

The winners of the Sukkah City competition had to honor Jewish law. Photo courtesy

Tony Judt, Joshua Foer, and a Jewish Memory Palaces

My colleague Sandee Brawarsky spoke with Joshua Foer this week, and did an excellent job reminding readers of memory's central place in Judaism.  Foer's in the news for his new book, "Moonwalking with Einstein," which details how he won the American memory championship. 

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