Jordan River

Water As A Challenge, And Answer, In Mideast Peace Talks


Water is the common denominator of the human experience. Our home is called the Blue Planet because of the spacious amounts of water covering the earth. Adding to our shared experience, water makes up about 60 percent of our body mass, and water plays a significant role in the world’s religions. The three Abrahamic religions, born out of the waterless deserts of the Middle East, all use water in significant ways.   Yet, freshwater, literally our source of life, makes up only 2.5 percent of all of the earth’s water, and so we are not surprised when we look at the Arab-Israeli conflict, and discover that water factors as a source of confrontation.

Netanyahu to Congress: No Compromise on Jerusalem, Refugees or Jordan River Presence


WASHINGTON (JTA) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that any peace deal with the Palestinians must grant Israel a military presence along the Jordan River, exclude repatriation of Palestinian refugees to Israel and leave Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital.

However, the Israeli leader said in his address to a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday, some Jewish settlements in the West Bank would fall outside Israel’s borders in a final peace deal.

Singing the Lonesome Blues

If one more Israeli asks me “Did you come here alone?” and then reacts with absolute shock and disbelief when I answer in the affirmative, well, I will just have to throw myself into the Hudson river and call it a day.

Wait a minute.

I will throw myself into the Jordan river, if only I knew where that was, exactly. Near Aroma?

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