Islamic Extremists Impose Reign Of Terror On Iraq

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Baghdad — Police cars have been repainted to say “Islamic police.” Women are forbidden from wearing bright colors and prints. The homes of Shiites and others have signs stating they are property of the Islamic State. And everyone walks in fear amid a new reign of terror.

Jonah: Not Using Our Gifts Is A Self-Imposed Disability

Why is the Book of Jonah the last biblical reading on Yom Kippur? True, it recounts how the nation of Nineveh repented, as we are called upon to do on the Day of Atonement. However, the liturgy could have instead featured King David, who admitted his shortcomings and constantly sought to improve himself.

Rabbi Michael Levy

Abuse Or Religious Freedom?

Jewish LGBT groups welcome Christie’s ban on ‘reparative therapy’ for gay youth, while Orthodox ones challenge it.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s decision this week to sign a bill that prohibits therapists in the state from performing so-called reparative therapy on young gay patients drew a mixed reaction from Jewish and civil rights organizations.

Gov. Chris Christie signs bill that bans controversial form of therapy on New Jersey minors. Getty Images

Lawsuit Charges Orthodox 'Cure' Center With Fraud

Three plaintiffs are members of JQY, activist group for "young, frum, gay Jews."


JONAH, a Jewish center in New Jersey that offers therapy to reverse homosexuality, is being sued for allegedly making fraudulent claims.

Chaim Levin, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against JONAH.
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