Jews in sports

UPDATE: Sabbath Observant Basketball Team Loses Friday Afternoon Texas Semifinal


Beren Academy, which made international headlines last year with its battle to avoid a forfeit in the Texas state boys' basketball tournament over a Sabbath scheduling conflict, lost in quadruple overtime in the state semifinals.

A Jew In Pinstripes: Yanks Get Youkilis

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The Yanks have signed Kevin Youkilis, the scrappy, dirty-uniformed third-baseman, who instantly becomes the most prominent Jewish ballplayer in the Bronx since Jack Ukeles (the Jewish communal demographer and planner, but no relation) last took his glove to the park.

The bombers announce their newest player on their web site.

New Painting Signed By 26 Jewish Baseball Players


( -- In the midst of the Major League Baseball playoffs, an artist came out with a new lithograph painting that depicts 27 Jewish baseball players and contains the signatures of 26 of them — all except the late Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg.

In The Clearing Stands A Boxer

Jews, once dominant in the fight game, return.
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In 1922, in a boxing ring on a winter’s night, in a small Philadelphia arena, Ty Cobb won a six-round decision against Babe Ruth.

Joseph Brender.  Michael Datikash
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