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The News From Philadelphia

Good news from the City of Brotherly Love.

It’s not just that my friend Hila Ratzabi moved there and not just that my former JTA boss Lisa Hostein has taken over its Jewish newspaper.

Now, a Conservative synagogue in suburban Philly is changing its policies to allow gentile spouses to become full synagogue members.
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El’s new policy was written up a few weeks ago in A Jewish Newspaper That Shall Remain Nameless, in an article that accomplished the remarkable feat of writing at great length about various policies affecting intermarried families and quoting a number of sources, not one of them an intermarried person.


Some Reading Material

I’m trying to finish three large articles before Thanksgiving, all while doing a fair amount of editing (and did I mention that I officially work only three-quarters time?!), so the blog is getting pushed through the cracks a little this week.

To tide you over while I have a nervous breakdown, er finish my other assignments, I hereby link you to some topical pieces appearing elsewhere on the Internet:

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