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Recovering, But ‘Really Scared’

Sustaining heavy damage in May flooding, Houston’s Jewish community unscathed in last week’s tropical storm.

06/22/2015 - 20:00
Staff Writer

The Jewish community of Houston, which was at the center of a downpour that flooded a large part of the city in late May, escaped further damage during a tropical storm that brought fears of a stalled rebuilding-and-repair effort last week. But predictions of further flooding upset many already nervous residents, who were taking part in the renovation of their homes and community institutions, according to communal leaders.

Recent flooding in Houston left several feet of water in the sanctuary of United Orthodox Synagogues. After cleanup, the congreg

For Young Adults Who Can't Access Hillel, Where Is Jewish Life?

Ilyse loves singing Hebrew songs that she learned at Camp Ramah in New England. She loves watching the camp video where she can relive her summer memories as an Amitzim (special needs) camper, laughing with all her friends. That sense of Jewish connection and belonging that Ilyse feels at camp is exactly what we, as her mother and older sister, dream of finding for her in her school year and year-round in her adult life. Yesterday, Ilyse turned twenty. She has Down Syndrome. 

Betty Ross and Ilyse Ross
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