Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington

A Beloved Camp That Looks Like The Real World -- But Better

Like at any other camp, the typical children at Camp JCC make friends and then go home and ask for playdates. But here, they never mention that their new friend uses a wheelchair or may not speak. Just last week, two nine-year-old girls played Barbies, danced to Justin Beiber and ate pizza together on a playdate they requested after meeting each other at camp. One uses a wheelchair. Our campers teach their parents about tolerance, respect and dignity.

Summertime at Camp JCC. Photo courtesy the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington

Two Girls -- One Verbal, One Not -- Share Smiles At Summer Camp

Editor’s Note: In this piece, Matan co-founder Meredith Polsky sings the praises of the inclusive Jewish summer camp where she works – and sends her children – during the summer. A follow-up from a camp administrator will describe the various elements that must be in place to create such a program: culture, funding and a lot of hard work. Stay tuned.

During the summer, I have the great privilege of working at one of the first inclusive Jewish summer camps in the country. The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington has been a model of inclusion for over thirty years. Every child is welcome, no matter what the disability. We have campers in wheelchairs, campers with feeding tubes, campers with Down Syndrome and Autism and Rett Syndrome, just to name a few.

Campers cuddle at an inclusive Washington, D.C.-area day camp. Photo courtesy Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington
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