Jerusalem Marathon

For Jerusalem Marathon, Disabled Kids Get Training Help From Police Officers

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Since the Jerusalem Marathon was first run through the hilly streets of Israel’s capital in 2011, representatives of ALEH, which bills itself as the country’s “largest network of facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities,” have been a presence. As members of Team ALEH, supporters traveled the 26.2-mile course in distinctive bright green T-shirts to raise money and publicity for the organization, then with in a small group of ALEH ( residents who, with aid, “ran” an abbreviated course on race day.

Photo By ALEH

Tourism, For The Long Run

Israel is fast becoming a hot destination for marathons.

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When Jonathan Beverly   ran his first marathon in Israel a few years back, he found surprises around every bend in the course.

The route of the marathon takes runners past the capital’s many sites. Courtesy of Jerusalem International Marathon
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