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Tim Boxer On Global Anti-Semitism

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Tony Lo Bianco, the Italian American actor from Brooklyn, was feeling depressed. He was at a luncheon for the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), one of the regular informative events produced by Jeffrey Wiesenfeld at his office at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.

“I’ve attended many of these events,” Lo Bianco said, “and I’m depressed because of the hopelessness. It looks like we’re losing the battle in the colleges.”

Tony Lo Bianco, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld and Paul Brody at Muslim Antisemitism discussion. Tim Boxer

CUNY Reverses Course On Tony Kushner Honor

Board chairman calls for executive committee meeting, acknowledging a “mistake of principle.”

Jewish Week Correspondent

Following an avalanche of protest against its decision Monday night to block an honorary degree for playwright Tony Kushner, the City University of New York board of trustees will reconsider its action in an executive committee meeting on Monday, May 9.

CUNY officials scheduled the meeting after receiving a statement from the board’s chairman, Benno Schmidt, saying that the body had made “a mistake of principal, and not merely of policy,” in voting to table the honorary degree.

Rabbinical Students No Longer TAP-ped Out

State to grant $18 million in tuition aid in tough fiscal year; report alleges political deal.

Assistant Managing Editor

Years of lobbying by Agudath Israel of America appear to have borne fruit now that the state budget includes allocations to help struggling undergraduate rabbinical students pay tuition.

Agudath Israel says Dean Skelos, who controls the state Senate with a slim Republican majority, was an “avid champion” of funds
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