Jeff Garlin

‘This Is Like Growing Up In My House’

Adam F. Goldberg, the writer of a new ABC sitcom, has created a boisterous family not unlike his own. But don’t look for Molly Goldberg.
09/24/2013 - 20:00
Jewish Week Book Critic

The newest Goldberg family on television has a grandfather who looks like he’d be at home in Miami or Boca. George Segal plays Pops, a widower who likes to date, loves spoiling his grandkids and especially enjoys tutoring them in the ways of love. In this week’s premiere episode of “The Goldbergs,” the new ABC sitcom set in the 1980s, Pops hands over his car keys to 16-year-old Barry and teaches 12-year-old Adam to get the attention of a pretty waitress.

Adam F. Goldberg
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