A Date With Moses, Maybe Pharaoh Too

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A long long time ago, in a desert far away, there was a land where people worshipped cats, and men wore eyeliner. No, this wasn’t the Internet; it was the land of Egypt.”

Is Technology Killing Our Chemistry?

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Recently at an Upper West Side Chanukah party hosted by a Jewish outreach organization, where singles stood in tight cliques balancing paper plates of potato latkes and plastic cups of white wine, I observed a beautiful blonde in a simple black dress standing alone near one wall. When men were introduced to her by a friendly, connector-type guy, they would chat her up with animation, but throughout the course of the evening, not one man actually approached the young woman, whom I’ll call Leigh, on his own initiative.

Heather Robinson

Can We Talk? (But That’s All!)

Are Jewish guys more susceptible to the ‘pen pal complex?’

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Every so often Jared, whom I met on a trip for Jewish professionals, calls me to chat.

But he never suggests we meet.

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Boxed In By Online Dating

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Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of columns about online dating.

A few years ago, Paige  S., a dancer, moved from the West Coast to New York. A 40-ish divorcee, she was excited about starting over.

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Extreme Inter-dating

The romance game, as practiced by Israelis and American Jews.

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After three exasperatingly cautious dates and a month of coy e-mail exchanges, I got tired of beating around the bush and wrote Orie, my American prospect. I told him exactly what I liked about him, how much I liked it, and what I’d like to do about it — promptly, if possible.

“Nothing here means what it seems,” says Israeli transplant Roy Schwartz, who is dating the American Kim Miller.

Picky, Picky: How Author Amy Webb ‘Gamed’ JDate to Meet Her Match

A Q&A with the woman who created a 72-point list for the perfect guy — and corralled him.

Special Correspondent

Amy Webb, author of the newly released “Data, a Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match” (Dutton Adult), is a nice Jewish girl who got sick of going on lousy JDates.

Amy Webb

An IDF Vet Finds Love

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"You are not disabled in your heart.”

Yenta Helps Single Jews Find Each Other Through GPS

When I received an email from Luba Tolkachyov, the co-founder of a new Jewish singles app, I was intrigued. Luba wrote, “I’ve been following your writing on Jewish Tech and thought you may be interested in Yenta, a new location based mobile phone application for Jewish singles.”

Like a virtual matchmaker, the Yenta mobile app locates like-minded Jewish singles in a crowded room.

How Mark Met Becky

Jewish Week Online Columnist

He’s a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, but still takes orders from his mother.  “Mark,” she said, “You must ask out Becky – she’s Jewish and cute; she’s a physical therapist; and she has dimples.”  How did his mom know about Becky Rosenberg?  “She noticed her on my Facebook page,” replied Mark.

Mark Schwartz and Becky Rosenberg celebrate their first anniversary next month.

“Buddy, Can You Spare a Grand?” Why Fundraisers Get Nervous Asking for Money

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 My 11 year old son Jacob has no problem asking for me for money. Whether it’s for a new Star Wars Legos set that is priced above rubies or for a new video game so that he can learn to snowboard like Shaun White (in the warmth of our basement), he easily and eagerly asks for cash to meet his ever-changing wants and needs. No embarrassment, no hesitation.

Deborah Grayson Riegel
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