Suspected Kansas City JCC Shooter Receives Month-Long Delay From Court

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The suspect in the shootings of three people at two Jewish institutions in suburban Kansas City appeared in court and asked for a month-long delay in the proceedings.

Suspected Kansas City JCC Shooter Charged With Murder In State Court

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The suspect in the shootings of three people at two Jewish institutions in suburban Kansas City was charged in state court.

Heated Cookoff At The JCC

Manischewitz All-Star gives former finalists a second chance.

Food and Wine Editor

It was a second chance at success last Thursday as five previous finalists of the annual Manischewitz Cook-Off returned to Manhattan’s Jewish Community Center to compete in an hour-long cooking competition judged by representatives from magazines such as Saveur and Good Housekeeping.

From left: Ronna Farley; Naylet LaRochelle; Jamie Brown Miller (winner); Dina Burcat; Joe Carver. Lauren Rothman/JW

D.C. JCC Play Switched To Workshops After Pro-Israel Protests

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In the face of opposition to plans to perform an Israeli playwright’s work exploring allegations of a 1948 Israeli massacre of Arabs, a Washington, D.C. theater backed by the federation there has revised its plans for the project, according to the Washington Jewish Week.

New London JCC Takes Page From Manhattan Version

American-style institution seeking lead role in Anglo Jewry ‘renaissance.’

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At his office in London’s newly opened, $80 million Jewish community center, Raymond Simonson fumbles with a state-of-the-art telephone switchboard.

An artist's rendering of London's new Jewish community center, a one-stop site for a variety of activities. Image via JTA.org

Shutdown Blues

From Iran sanctions to yoga time, federal shuttering casts long shadow over Jewish D.C.

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Washington — Meals on Wheels may disappear, Iran sanctions are at risk and yoga is filling in the gaps.
This is what the federal government shutdown looks like in Jewish Washington.

American-Style JCC Thriving In Krakow

N.Y.-born director sees deepening Jewish engagement; in Warsaw, unexpected signs of growth.

Staff Writer

Krakow — At four crowded tables in the ground-floor meeting room of the Jewish Community Centre here, some hundred people attended the first-night seder during Passover last week.

It was the “biggest community seder in Poland,” says Jonathan Ornstein, the JCC’s New York-born director.

It’s another sign that the only such American-style JCC in the country is succeeding.

Jonathan Ornstein, the N.Y.-born director of Krakow’s JCC, plants the institution’s high-visibility pennant above the building.

The Splitting Of The Sea, 1943

An aging righteous gentile recalls ferrying Danish Jews to freedom from the Nazis.

Associate Editor

If God had divided the sea for us, even if we didn’t pass through on dry land, it would have been enough, Dayenu.

Christiansen being honored by former Israeli Consul General Arye Mekel.

Advocacy Gone Awry

Bid against JCC in Manhattan film festival part of disturbing trend.

Editor And Publisher

Theodore Bikel, the 86-year-old actor most famous for his role as Tevye in “Fiddler On The Roof,” considers himself “a Zionist and ardent supporter of Israel.” But he is one of a number of Jews in the arts who will not perform at theaters in the West Bank, believing that the settlements are an obstacle to peace.

Does that place him inside or out of the pro-Israel tent?

Gary Rosenblatt

JCC Festival Accused Of Hurting Israel

Member presses board to adopt guidelines against ties to pro-Palestinian groups; JCC says it’s being ‘misrepresented.’

Assistant Managing Editor

Concerned that an annual film festival at the JCC in Manhattan is lending credibility to organizations that are hostile to Israel, a JCC member is calling on the board to impose guidelines against such affiliations.

Richard Allen wants the JCC and other Jewish institutions to formally reject any cooperation with organizations that want to hurt Israel economically, academically or culturally as a means to affect the peace process.

Richard Allen.
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