How Israelis, American Jews Differ, Even On Passover

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My family and I always laugh at that part in the Passover Haggadah where people sing about tyrants rising up in every generation to destroy us,” my Israeli friend — a historian — said when I called to wish him a happy Pesach.

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More Israelis Denied Visas, Queens Pol Says

Rep. Grace Meng asks State Department to explain reports of a steep decline in approvals since 2007.

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A Queens congresswoman who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said this week that she is investigating reports that the State Department has significantly reduced the number of visas granted to young Israelis during the last year.

Rep. Grace Meng: “We want to know the exact numbers.”

Third Prisoner Release By Israel Brings Total To 104

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Israel released a third group of Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal aimed at jumpstarting peace negotiations.

Israel freed 26 prisoners late Monday night in the third of fourth scheduled releases of a total of 104 Palestinians jailed for killing Israeli citizens, according to news reports.

Israelis protest release of Palestinian prisoners. The sign with red handprint reads "week of blood." Getty Images

Celebrate: Throwing Candy On Every Occasion

Why should you only throw candy at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? The players at Hahafuch, the Israeli comedy troupe, show us  a new trend in celebration involving lots of hard candy and your head. 

Jerusalemites Relax, Focus On Holidays Instead of Gas Masks

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Jerusalem – Israel breathed a collective sigh of relief this week.

In the days before Yom Kippur on Saturday and the start of Sukkot on Wednesday night, between concern over a possible with Syria and the announcement of a tentative deal brokered by the United States and Russia, Israelis turned from thoughts of missile attacks to attention to the last of this month's series of Jewish holidays.

Israelis And U.S. Jews: How Much Criticism Is Fair?

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Many American Jews have insisted that a healthy, mutual friendship with Israel entails criticizing Israel. Many Israelis, especially those who work with Jews from the center and the left, have accepted those marching orders, creating paradigms about “hugging and wrestling.” And they share reassuring philosophical insights like Harvard’s Michael Sandel’s teaching that embarrassment reflects belonging — Syrian brutality does not embarrass us: Israel’s milder mistakes do.

Gil Troy

After Tragedy, Israeli Parents Donate Son's Kidney To Save Palestinian Boy

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The kidney of a 3-year-old Israeli boy was successfully transplanted to a 10-year-old Palestinian child.

The parents of Noam Naor decided to donate his kidneys after their son was declared brain dead nearly two weeks ago after falling from a window in his parents’ apartment.

A Question About Charter Schools

"Why would people who aren’t Jewish be interested in this kind of program?"

Is Israel's National Anthem, 'Hatikva,' Racist? A New Debate Gains Steam

Jews have a long history revising liturgy they find offensive.  The Reform movement has often led that charge, doing away with, for the most part, patrilineal prayers they think should be gender-neutral, and thus more inclusive.

Israelis And Us: It’s Complicated

‘Come Home’ ads expose cracks in relationship between American Jews and Israeli officials.

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The news reports about Israel’s latest, ill-fated public relations campaign have come and gone. But the impact lingers, and it’s worth exploring how Israeli and American Jews, despite all their professed connections, still misunderstand each other in troubling ways.

The most recent example, in brief: A $300,000 ad campaign to encourage Israelis living in America to come home, sponsored by the government in Jerusalem, became known to and immediately was criticized by mainstream, fervently pro-Israel American Jewish groups, and others, as deeply offensive.

Gary Rosenblatt
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