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French Security Official: If I Were Jewish, I’d Leave And Join IDF


A senior police officer in the French city of Marseille said that if he were a Jew who cared about his country, he would leave for Israel and join its army.

Could A Haredi Draft Help Israel’s Economy?

New education minister, in New York, says it might.
Assistant Managing Editor

The argument over military service for the ultra-Orthodox in Israel is generally framed around fairness.

But as the country’s new unity government works to craft a bill to replace the Tal Law for religious exemptions, which expires Aug. 1, some see economic considerations as well.

Education Minister Gideon Saar. (Michael Datikash)

Israeli Army Uses Facebook to Catch Female Draft Dodgers

An article in All Facebook, the unofficial Facebook blog, reports that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been using the social networking site to nab female Israelis who claim to be religious enough to be exempted from army service. Apparently, their activity on Facebook tells a different story -- one the army is interested to learn.

Are these women religious enough on Facebook to forgo their army service?
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