Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Concession To Key Party Could Push Coalition Over The Top


Jerusalem — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly agreed to concessions that would bring in a key party and allow him to form a new government.

George W. Bush: Sanctions Rollbacks With Iran Would Be A Mistake


Las Vegas — Former President George W. Bush said a deal with Iran should not have sanctions rollbacks.

What If Iran Doesn't Cheat?

Bibi Netanyahu seems to be of two minds about the nuclear agreement being negotiated with the Iranians.

Without knowing all the details because they remain to be worked out, he has already declared it a bad deal and he, his ambassador and AIPAC have been lobbying the Congress to block it.

Any deal with Tehran would be worthless, he argues persuasively, because Iranians are liars and cheats and won't keep their word. 

Bibi's Congress Speech Transcript


The following is a transcript of the address Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered to Congress on March 3, 2015. The text was provided by the Prime Minister's Office.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking about Iran during a joint meeting of Congress, March 3. Getty Images

Reading The Tealeaves At The UN

Abbas attacks Israel, but Netanyahu’s mind elsewhere.


In the end, there was much to talk about at the U.N. General Assembly but few genuine surprises.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking this week at the UN General Assembly. Getty Images

Inside The Failed Peace Talks

In negotiations, Indyk describes America’s no-win dilemma.


Washington — What was supposed to have revived the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks — allowing negotiations to develop organically — instead helped kill them, Martin Indyk, until recently the top U.S. peace broker, told JTA in a candid and wide-ranging interview.

Martin Indyk, served until recently as the State Department's top Mideast negotiator.

Kidnapped Boys Found In Field

Boys were likely shot close to time of kidnapping.

Web Editor

The Israeli military has found three bodies believed to be those of the missing teenagers who disappeared more than two weeks ago while hitchhiking home from their yeshiva in the occupied West Bank, a senior government official told The New York Times.

About 1,000 people turned out at a midtown rally to support three kidnapped Israeli students. Michael Datikash/JW
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