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Poll: Israelis Overwhelmingly Support A Peace Deal Backed By Arab League

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Although more than three-quarters of Israelis don’t believe Palestinians are interested in reaching a peace deal with Israel, 76 percent would support an agreement that was supported by the Arab League and Arab states, according to a new Israeli poll.

Koby Huberman

Levy Commission: Concerned By ‘Misuse’ Of Report

Authors of controversial judgment on Israeli sovereignty in West Bank insist both right and left got it wrong.

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The Levy Commission report that earlier this month found Israelis have the legal right to settle in the West Bank is being twisted and distorted by those here who are on both sides of the issue, according to its authors.

“I must say that I am concerned by the misuse of the report by both those who oppose any Israeli presence in the West Bank (the 41 signatories of the IPF letter), as well as by those rightwing politicians who out of ignorance think that it advocates annexation,” Alan Baker, one of the three members of the Levy Commission, said in an e-mail interview.

Alan Baker, a member of the Levy Commission: The report “is not a political football.”

‘Durban,’ Delegitimization Seen Linked

Conference here draws parallels between anti-Israel activity and Palestinians’ statehood bid.

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The Palestinians are well on their way to successfully delegitimizing Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, but the campaign may morph into the delegitimization of Israel itself, warned Middle East expert Shai Feldman.

“There are others competing with them in the way [the issue] gets framed who will say it is about Israel itself,” said Feldman, director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University.

Melvyn Weiss’ Quest For Redemption

Disbarred class-action king, after jail stint, wants his good name back. Will society give it to him? A Yom Kippur story.

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Melvyn Weiss is a busy man these days. He’s active with the Israel Policy Forum and regularly attends the pro-peace process group’s meetings. He’s trying to help kids in earthquake-plagued Haiti express themselves artistically. And he’s hosting a benefit Sunday at his Oyster Bay home for the Aleph Institute, which provides Jewish and social services for prisoners and military personnel.

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