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Maryland Mulls Reparation Push From French Rail Firm

Bill requires company to pay Holocaust survivors they transported to death camps before bidding on light rail project.

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Maryland lawmakers are preparing to debate a bill next month that would block a Paris-based rail company from bidding on the state’s $2.2 billion light rail project unless its parent company pays Holocaust survivors reparations for transporting them to Nazi death camps.

Stuart Eizenstat, State Department adviser on Holocaust-era issues.

A Champion Of Jewish Freedom And Identity

Seagrams billionaire took on Soviet Union, Swiss banks and assimilation.


Edgar Bronfman, the billionaire former beverage magnate and leading Jewish philanthropist, died Saturday at the age of 84.

Edgar Bronfman: "I'm a Jew, and if I was in a position to help, I did so." JTA

Toronto Holocaust Survivors Die In Apparent Suicides


An octogenarian couple — both Jewish Holocaust survivors — killed themselves in Toronto in an apparent suicide pact.

Police are treating the deaths of Vladimir Fiser, 89, and Marika Ferber, 84, as a double suicide. Their bodies were found Tuesday at the base of their apartment building. They are believed to have jumped to their deaths from the balcony of their 18th-floor apartment.

Committed To Memory

Ernie Michel, a Jewish leader and Holocaust survivor, knows his own memory is fading.

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Ever since he escaped from the Nazis, at 21, after enduring more than five years in forced labor camps and Auschwitz, Ernest (“Ernie”) Michel has devoted his life to preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

Gary Rosenblatt

Elderly Survivors Win New Benefits

Despite questions on Claims Conference fraud investigation, Germans approve $1 billion — largest amount ever — for seniors’ home care.

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Amid an internal probe into how the Claims Conference reacted to a tip about fraud within its organization, the German government has negotiated a deal with the group to provide $1 billion over four years in home care for 56,000 elderly Holocaust survivors.

German Finance Ministry officials Dr. Kurt Bley and Werner Gatzer lay a wreath at Yad Vashem.

Temple Emanu-el Kids' Program Highlights Childhood Shoah Stories

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Some religious school students at Temple Emanu-El heard a firsthand account of the Holocaust recently. And they saw the New York premiere of a German-made Holocaust documentary.

During two Yom HaShoah speeches at the Upper East Side Reform synagogue, Holocaust survivor Leslie Schwartz talked about his wartime experiences (the rest of his family died in Auschwitz) and showed a documentary about his life produced by a Bavarian  television channel (an English-language version was recently released at his request).

Comptroller's Database To Aid Holocaust Heirs

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New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has created a new link on his website to help the heirs of Jewish Holocaust victims claim money in the state’s unclaimed funds database.

An initial search of the site against the names of 50,000 Holocaust victims and survivors turned up 4,000 matches. Now, the state is asking those claimants to check the website and confirm that there is truly a match.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli: Searched 28 million accounts.

Giving The Holocaust A Human Face


In the immediate decades after World War II, the systematic murder of 6,000,000 Jews as part of Nazi genocide had not acquired a name of its own. When I learned about the fate of the Jews during the Final Solution, during religious school classes and temple youth groups in the 1960s, “Holocaust” hadn’t entered the public lexicon in this context.

But 60 years ago this spring, the Six Million acquired a face in this country.

Her name was Hanna Bloch Kohner.

Hannah Bloch Kohner: Her life was many survivors' lives/vogcharity.org

NY State Research Could Find Millions For Holocaust Survivors

Data provided by an Israeli group.

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It amounts to a few needles in a very large haystack. But for aging Holocaust survivors and the heirs of those who perished at the hands of the Nazis, the painstaking work being carried out by the New York State Comptroller’s Office may yet pay dividends.

Bobby Brown: Israel’s Project HEART is doing extensive research on funds owed to Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

Lessons from Tragedy: Moving Forward After The Sandy Hook Shooting

Special To The Jewish Week

Many years ago I dated a woman who was the child of Holocaust survivors. My potential future in-laws were elderly and were closer in age to my grandparents than my parents. I went to ask a great rabbi if this was cause for concern.  He responded, “Who really knows who is old and who is young?”  We have all learned with recent events that being just 6 years old can in fact be “very old.”

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