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Survivors Relive Horrors Of ‘Model Ghetto’ Theresienstadt


Dozens of survivors of the Theresienstadt concentration camp near Prague returned to the site for a ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of their rescue.

Survivors Draw Chilling Line From Auschwitz To Paris

At the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation, a reminder of anti-Semitism’s persistence.

Israel Correspondent

Oswiecim, Poland — The 300 Auschwitz survivors who commemorated the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau at the death camp this week were motivated by two things: a heartfelt need for some closure and the desire — some called it a mission — to warn the world that the anti-Semitism and hatred that spawned the Shoah are still all around us.

Mordechai Ronen, who was a prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp when he was 11. Getty Images

Threading The Needle To Survive

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For years, Rena Margulies Chernoff of Brooklyn traveled to Boston on Jan. 27. She and a cousin who also survived Auschwitz  — they posed as twins — would celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz as their personal day of rebirth.

U.S., France Secure $60 Million For Survivors Of Rail Deportations


Washington — The United States and France have tentatively arrived at a $60 million lump sum agreement to settle claims by survivors deported to Nazi camps via the French rail system.

In A First, Child Survivors Get Payout

$250 million fund seen as merely ‘symbolic’; anger over perceived small amount.

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In their later years, Jews who survived the Holocaust as children — whether in concentration camps, ghettos or in hiding — have experienced psychological problems such as nightmares and health issues related to malnutrition as children.

Claims Conference’s Greg Schneider: Child survivors’ “suffering had a cumulative effect.”

Remembering The Holocaust, Without Bitterness

German consulate bestows Order of Merit on Holocaust survivor and Claims Conference negotiator Roman Kent.

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The incongruity of the moment was inescapable.

Roman Kent, an 89-year-old, Polish-born Auschwitz survivor, stood in the living room here of German Consul General Busso von Alvensleben’s home last month and heard the German official describe him as a man who “went through hell and yet brought the message of tolerance and solidarity to so many.”

Roman Kent, left, last week received Germany’s Order of Merit from Consul General Busso von Alvensleben.  Jörg Windau

‘The Power Of Food To Sustain People’

Holocaust-related cookbooks, a growing genre, tell stories of both deprivation and survival.

Special To The Jewish Week

When Florence Tabrys was 14, the Nazis occupied her small hometown of Szydlowiec, Poland. Three years later, she and her younger sister were sent to a munitions factory. They were later shipped from concentration camp to concentration camp before they were eventually liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945. They never saw their parents or five other siblings again.

Cookbook author Joanne Caras displays other Shoah-inspired recipe books.

Millennials Altering Landscape Of Holocaust Remembrance

The grandchildren of survivors ‘seeking their own liturgy’ in marking Shoah trauma in iconoclastic ways.

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In Edinburgh, Scotland, youth worker Jonathan Litewski McKean, whose grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, decides to honor her legacy in a personal way. Next month, on his 26th birthday, he will have her concentration camp number tattooed on his left arm.

In Jane Korman’s video “Dancing Auschwitz,” her father, a survivor, and her children mark his experience in unorthodox fashion.

Maryland Mulls Reparation Push From French Rail Firm

Bill requires company to pay Holocaust survivors they transported to death camps before bidding on light rail project.

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Maryland lawmakers are preparing to debate a bill next month that would block a Paris-based rail company from bidding on the state’s $2.2 billion light rail project unless its parent company pays Holocaust survivors reparations for transporting them to Nazi death camps.

Stuart Eizenstat, State Department adviser on Holocaust-era issues.

A Champion Of Jewish Freedom And Identity

Seagrams billionaire took on Soviet Union, Swiss banks and assimilation.


Edgar Bronfman, the billionaire former beverage magnate and leading Jewish philanthropist, died Saturday at the age of 84.

Edgar Bronfman: "I'm a Jew, and if I was in a position to help, I did so." JTA
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